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The farmhouse of IT

One of the most important investments that your business can make is in the safety, functionality and effectiveness of your technology.

Exxceliq’s IT Managed Services will understand your requirements and work with you to accomplish your business’s goals. Business benefits which you can derive with our farmhouse of IT outlined below:

  • High Return On Investment
  • Efficiency
  • Increased Productivity
  • Avoidance of Security Breaches
  • Unlimited Expertise
  • Cloud-Based Services
  • Better Management of Up-Time
  • Leverage Your Business Against the Competition
  • Reinvest In Your Business

Switching from a conventional In-house team to exxceliq IT Services team which has been delivering IT Services for the  last 100 years can be an extremely cost-effective and efficient solution to the problems posed by typical in-house IT teams. 

With expertise that grows daily, exxceliq will provide your business with technology solutions that allows you to focus on pursuing your business’s goals instead of worrying about your IT.

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Project Management as a Service

You just got handed a huge ask from your leadership. Your budget is large but your task list is larger. It’s hard to envision a way to get your hands around the project.

Getting projects off to the right start can be difficult.

  1. Organization doesn’t have a project management muscle. Project management needs a certain number of resources in order to be successful, which should be determined before starting.
  2. Team is stretched thin. If there is more work than people to complete a project, you will never be setup for success.
  3. Organization doesn’t have a clear strategy. Without a set strategy, it is difficult to give your team the direction it needs.
  4. Why use PMaaS

  5. Time-tested principles. Provides a tailored methodology for project management based on our best practices, having completed over a thousand projects with clients of differing sizes.
  6. Established structure. Organizes goals into a detailed format that gives a clear direction for the project.
  7. Ongoing framework. Allows you to identify, prioritize, and launch projects of various sizes over time.
  8. Predictable outcomes. Enables your team to engage on projects whether they’re self-led, internal team-led, and vendor-led services, and be successful.

100 years of combined team experience of delivering Projects of various sizes to various customers.. we believe we know how to solve your pain points and stop drainage of your money,time and reputation

Software Scouting as a Service

Software Scouting for your business 

Buying software is very easy task. IS IT?
It is not at all as easy as it seems. Lot of businesses stack holder makes mistakes like:
1. Our friend, our competitor uses, it will fit to our business.
2. It is very cheap lets take it, we will see what is required in future.
3. I don’t need Data Predictions from the software
4. We will rely of manual reports and our instincts.

Business owners think from only perspective of their immediate needs, their decisions are lot driven by their peers. Business . Every Company, Every product has its own uniqueness and this uniqueness changes your Software requirements.

Our Software Scouting Team will spend Quality time to understand your business and your Software Requirements. We will then will help you to manage entire RFP process i.e. Building RFP, Floating RFPs for bids, Analyze the bids and finally provide you with comparative that what software is useful to you at an Effective price. 

Application Management as a Service

Today, Application Management is highly complex and challenging. You need to ensure that your applications.

As your applications’ role and subsequently, its management and maintenance move away from tactical to that of a strategic one, why should your Application Management Practice revolve around standard, traditional approaches? Also, why should scarcity of skilled resources, budget and project backlogs hold you back from accelerating your Application Management drive?

Our Services are package to deliver:

  • Manage your entire applications and technology infrastructure ecosystem including legacy systems, cots based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, portals and other middleware
  • Host and maintain these applications – on premise/ Cloud or on hybrid environments, deliver technical and end-user support while also providing the necessary infrastructure
  • Help you achieve digital and legacy transformations by ensuring your applications embrace Agile, DevOps,  like Microservices while remaining integration ready with third party systems

Automation as a Service

What is Automation:

It basically enables an organization to automate the existing business processes by recording and analyzing data from the existing applications. It enables an organization to transform from a manual process to reliable, accurate and fast automation processes across the organization.

We are vendor agnostic and provide advice to enterprises regarding the most efficient tool, best suited for customized requirements.


  • Our consultants work with your team to identify potential automation use cases
  • An automation journey begins by taking inputs from various sources such as Incident ticket data, inputs from tower leads, etc.
  • Feasibility analysis is done for the automation use cases


  • In house domain experts document the existing process
  • Next, they discuss the documented workflow and get it approved
  • Detailed analysis of the existing toolset is next

Build and Support

  • The advisory team passes on the automation use cases to the developer team (BOT factory)
  • The automation solution is built and deployed
  • The success rate of each automation use case is tracked

We have a strong team of technical experts in areas of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and NLP to help our customers in building robust automation solutions.


IT Vendor Evaluation as a Service

IT vendors evaluation is becoming more important aspect as the products used by these Vendors are used for years and directly impact the business. We just don’t believe in word of mouth or website based testimonials. We have lot of our deep contacts across industry, we understand Product and Vendor reputation from them as well as from online forums.

We check the backgrounds of the key stakeholders of the Vendor. We provide complete analysis of Vendor profile based on Product and your requirements.

we have no limits

Why Choose Us


Low Cost of Ownership

Save huge cost of IT infrastructure and maintenance with increased uptime. Don’t pay high server hardware and software costs.


Quick ROI

Our services are easy to deploy and has low turnaround time for implementation thus offering quick ROI realization.


Scalability & Flexibility

Whenever you would want to scale up – every time there will be a change note with some T&C.

But we are just like the cloud. commitment to scalability with flexibility for you and your business.

Exxceliq helps you convert IT from high cost to Profits

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