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Serving and connecting with IT

Services carefully designed to Plan,implement, monitor,evaluate,staff necessary to take your organization to its full potential and maintain that level of success




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  • Cloud-Based Services
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E-Commerce as a Service

New Normal Requires more and more Virtual transactions and our package is aimed to get your up and running virtually

  • Online Store Setup
  • Store Promotion
  • Email Marketing
  • E-Commerce operations Cost optimisations
  • Website Optimisation

Cybersecurity as a Service

Do you allow any one to trespass into your house? NO would be the obvious answer but do you do the same for your business ? ?

Probably you won’t know – Don’t worry our services are designed to just lock your business from trespassers

  • Virus Removal & Prevention
  • Website Security Testing
  • Email Security System Testing
  • Data Loss Prevention


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Who we are

We are group of ex-professionals from worlds Top 5 IT companies come together to bring world class amazingly affordable services.

Our group comes with an experience of delivering profitable and successful IT Solutions to atleast nine industry verticals- too name a few Automotive,Retail,Manufacturing,Consumer Goods,Telecom.

We have not only successfully enabled businesses achieve almost Zero downtime environment but with the out of the box thinking significantly reduced cost,modernized IT Systems at amazingly low cost.

Our combined expedience of the team would add up to approximately 100 years of Delivering IT Services,

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